Open tables
Get gaga with dada
By Lula Valletta
Saturday Nov. 11th, 15:45 - 17:45

In this workshop we will create Dadaistic ‘poetry’. Together we focus on experimental writing using ideas and techniques the Dadaists used many years ago translated into our modern age. We will work with found texts, creating/writing new texts, collage, surrealist automatism and more in which coincidence will play a big role. If possible this workshop will result in a zine that each of the participants can bring home.

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All materials will be provided.

Folding Techniques
By Phil Procter
Sunday Nov. 12th, 13:30 - 15:30

Description: Beyond his passion for zines, Phil has a passion for the material they are printed on. In this workshop he will share his knowledge of paper folding, giving participants the freedom to experiment with different techniques to create forms and structures from paper and card. Expect plenty of creasing, scoring, cutting, pleating, folding, photocopying and gluing.


DIY EX-LIBRIS with PSR (Publication Studio Rotterdam)
By Yin Yin Wong
Sunday Nov. 12th, 16:30 - 18:30

Come make your own exlibris! Exlibris, indicating ‘From the library of’ is an insignia used throughout late history used to mark one’s personal book collection with. These custom graphics were often designed by renowned artists and used only by the elite, who were the ones who could afford to have their own libraries.
Around the 19th century, however, people started making their own ex-libris and gradually it became more commonly used. This DIY mentality resulted in a rich collection of ex-libris displaying all kinds of (counter)art-movements of the last century. Publication Studio Rotterdam invites you to make an ex-libris for your own books, marking them with self-expression and caring ownership and also to make sure your friends won’t forget who they’ve ‘borrowed’ it from. Supplies to create your own stamps, such as erasers and scraping tools will be provided.


Repurposing receipt printers
By Florian Cramer
Sunday Nov. 11th, 13:30 - 15:30

Reclaiming trashiness for zinemaking with The Poor People's RisoTM
Receipt printers are cheap, quick, robust and small. They churn out meters of paper in seconds. They print black-and-white text and even grayscale pictures. Against the trend towards craftiness and exclusivity in zinemaking, receipt printers are the equivalent of a three-chords punk song recorded in a garage. They can be used as low-cost, low-skill, quick-and-dirty means of production taking the exclusivity out of zinemaking. This workshop will introduce participants into the basics of receipt printing. A receipt printer will remain available for experimentation and zine publishing throughout the festival.

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All materials will be provided


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Re-mixing the Archive
Hosted by XPub
Saturday Nov. 11th, 13:30 - 15:30, and ongoing

This workshop will experiment with scanned materials from the archive of the Poortgebouw – a former squat, now housing a living community in south Rotterdam.The archive is a collection of material from the history of the building including: interviews, flyers, posters, zines, newspapers and other material which trace the fascinating history of this building. The goal of the session is to build a working prototype of a POSTER-ZINE which will take different approaches to typography, layout, folding, curating and editing.

A version of the poster-zine will be included in the forthcoming publication A Bed, a Chair and a Table. We invite you to join our work in progress and get a sneak peek into the book.

Hosted by the students of the Master Media Design: Experimental Publishing (XPub), Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
The finished poster-zine and the book A Bed, a Chair and a Table will be launched on the 7th of December 2017 at the Poortgebouw.

It is possible to attend this workshop throughout the day.
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Schrödinger Litter Box
By Mona Lisa's
Saturday Nov. 11th, ongoing

This cardboard installation workshop is a salute to ‘De Poezenkrant’ one of the first and most renowned Dutch zine’s to date. Founded in 1974 Piet Schreuders had the intelligence to previse a future where cats, as the latest Facebook statistic prove, would be our most unifying topic of conversation (and creation). This ‘one-person-experience-workshop-machine’ in the shape of a sealed cat litter box on the other hand also poses a question inspired by a famous quantum mechanical paradox: Can one be simultaneously inimitable and genius at the same time? Step in to Mona Lisa’s Schrödinger Litter Box and find out for yourself. This experience is prohibited for people with a cat hair allergy.

It is possible to attend this workshop throughout the day.
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