Open tables

By Niek Hilkmann
Ongoing all weekend

Pay2Print is an investigation in the simultaneous production and distribution of zines through the mediation of an automaton. We will delve into different methods to transform financial micro-transactions into lucrative publications. First by looking at several machines - many of them alternative applications of existing technology - that people can activate by inserting a coin. This triggers them to instantly create a publication, which shape is dictated by its automatic distribution; for instance by printing on receipts produced by a thermal printer. By emphasizing this aspect of the machine as a print maker, earning its own income, we will explore the conditions of mechanized labour within the cultural industry and the ethics involved in this.

BeBe Books
By Founders Ruud van Moorleghem & Mert Sen
Ongoing all weekend

We are publishers. We are homos. We are immigrants. We are criminals. We are shunned. We are toxic. We are drama queens. We are lovers. We are jerks. We are cats. We are kebabs. We are girls. We are trouble. We are beautiful. We are kings. We are zines. We are fun. We are open. We are respectable. We are rare. We are stoofvlees. We are pride. We are ecstasy. We are fighters. We are controversial. We are desire. We are romantic. We are slaves. We are on fire. We are jolly. We are natural. We are beer. We are community. We are queer. We are married. We are universal. We are the power. We are dreamers. We are tempting. We are irritating. We are bloomed. We are lost. We are whores. We are leftovers. We are erections. We are big tits. We are liposuction. We are retards. We are touchy. We are jealous. We are outsiders. We are printers. We are paper. We are concorde. We are complainers. We are broke. We are Mert. We are Ruud. We are Bebe Books.

De Boekenbrouwerij
By Femme ter Haar & Lybrich van der Molen
Saturday 11th of Nov.

'De Boekenbrouwerij' is a mobile platform for illustrative publications and zines. We have a love for books, and a desire to introduce the rest of the world to the power of illustration.
We will be bringing our own cart which we built ourselves. All books are made at, and by students from HKU illustration, all of of them are handmade and produced in a limited edition.


Schrödinger Litter Box
By Mona Lisa's
Ongoing all weekend

This cardboard installation is a salute to ‘De Poezenkrant’ one of the first and most renowned Dutch zine’s to date. Founded in 1974 Piet Schreuders had the intelligence to previse a future where cats, as the latest Facebook statistic prove, would be our most unifying topic of conversation (and creation). This ‘one-person-experience-workshop-machine’ in the shape of a sealed cat litter box on the other hand also poses a question inspired by a famous quantum mechanical paradox: Can one be simultaneously be inimitable and genius at the same time? Step in to Mona Lisa’s Schrödinger Litter Box and find out for yourself. This experience is prohibited for people with a cat hair allergy.


Game Days
By WORM pirate bay zine club
Ongoing all weekend

Worm's Pirate Bay's Zine Club is stoked to be at Zine Camp 2017! Come see our stall and take a look / photocopy some of our wonderful archive! And / Or Come play our carnival style zine game and win a lucky prize!! U spin the Choice!!

Digital Exquisite Corpse experiment
By Oana Clitan
Sunday 12th. Nov.

Exquisite Corpse is a method of creating work by collaboration and by following a set of rules. It is a technique popularised by surrealists, as it allowed them to experience unexpected results. Oana Clitan proposes the transposition of the game Exquisite Corpse into the digital realm, where participants from Zine Camp and online will create a communal image using their smartphones and image-creating/editing apps that they offer.


Excelfie - Derivation #1
By Lucia Dossin
Ongoing all weekend

Excelfie is a simple idea, where Excel meets selfie. During Zine Camp 2017, Lucia Dossin will explore the first derivation of this concept, by typewriting selfies made by visitors, zinemakers and zinereaders.


Erwin Blok's Gestetner stencil printing station
Ongoing all weekend

Special announcement!
During whole weekend, the very famous Erwin Blok will have a Gestetner stencil printing station at the festival. Once in a life time chance to print with him! First come first served!!!